April 5, 2018 National Poetry Month Daily Writing Prompt: Cooking with a Pet

Welcome to National Poetry Month 2018! 

I don't want to exclude anyone, though, so all prompts will be written so that they can be either poetry or prose.

Today's exercise (4/5/18) is to write a narrative in which you are cooking something and are either interrupted or joined by a pet. Include at least one line of dialog spoke to the pet (or from if you want).

Bonus exercises (either in conjunction with the official exercise or stand-alone):

1) Begin at least 5 sentences with different words starting with the letter F.
2) Describe three different smells and include one of the things described in the title.
3) Use a quote from the lyrics of the song "Mandy" by Barry Manilow either as an epigraph or in the piece.
4) Set your cooking narrative somewhere outdoors.