Relaunching soon with only exercises


It's been a hot minute, as the kids used to say, when I was a kid. I have recently been struggling with settling on a solution to the problem of daily exercises pushing other posts off the front page. I decided that since this blog is, after all, Notebooking Daily, I'll stick to the exercises here and post other writing related things on one of my other blogs. Look for new posts in February. But here is a little teaser for fun.

1) The juggler has just dropped a ball, and that was the final straw. Expand.
2) Use tornadoes and tomatoes in the same piece that is under 250 words if prose, 20 lines if poetry (for bonus points pack your piece with hard /A/ sounds).
3) Ralph Wiggum is waving at something that is about to ominously fill the frame with its back (in this piece)--what is it? What happens?


Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise February 17, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: Random Generation.

Random Generation exercises allow computers to help you find your prompt, you know, instead of visiting this website via messenger pigeon and cranking out the pages with your mechanical typewriter. Write a piece or fragment that utilizes the following random element.

Today's random generation is...

Random Plot! Today we'll use PantemimePony's random plot generator and click through until you find three story plots that sound like stories you might write--even, or especially if it's not the sort of story you normally would write. If you want, you can mix and match from those elements to concoct a story plot or poem that works together effectively, though sometimes that wrench in the system is just what a story needs to become extraordinary.