No Frills Prompt 13

Prompt: Write a non-rhyming Decima (for our purposes, 10 lines with 10 syllables each) that includes a breakfast food. Even if your normally write prose, keep your articles and connective words (as it are to) to a minimum (for today, reword to use as few words as you can without completely sounding like a robot, though some terseness may sound robotic at first—think more laconic than robotic) write it as 100 syllables. Ideally don't break the 10-count with a multi-syllabic word but hyphens happen.


No Frills Prompt 12

Prompt: Learning to play the guitar in space

(some frills prompt explanation: without the gravity of earth coordination is thrown off. Take the experience as your own as the foreground of an epic space adventure, show it as a vignette in a reluctant astronaut's voyage, you choose, but use the idea of having to re-learn how to play guitar in space as your prompt.)





No Frills Prompt 8

Prompt: Write a piece based on this amazing photo by Galen Rowell. His legacy is an intense shadow over all adventure photographers. I love his books and his images. He tragically died in a small plane crash with his wife Barbara Rowell, who was also an amazing artist. Anyone driving north to Yosemite should visit their gallery Mountain Light in Bishop, CA. It is on the way and worth at least 2 hours of browsing and appreciation even if you're not in the market to buy. But I recommend buying (if only because I have been to strapped to pull the trigger yet and I want to live vicariously through strangers).




No Frills Prompt 5

Prompt: Write a piece in which you consciously include 3 misspelled words.

(this is a small frills exercise, because it's a little different but I liked the idea)

For instance: report on a note written, recall a text message, an email. Reminisce about a child's spelling test (or perhaps your own). Pick one arbitrarily if you like, but make sure that the misspelled words are key to the piece if you can. A child misspelling "daddy" but not "mommy"... a text message doing the same thing can have very different connotations... see?





No Frills Prompt 1

So instead of posting these long-winded specific prompts with additional options and whatnot, I'm going to have a series/tag of prompts which are just that. Only prompt. Quick and easy, if you want to build on it give yourself an additional self-constraint. This will be the only explanation.

Exercise 1: Write a piece in which a person speaks to a cat.