April 2, 2018 National Poetry Month Daily Writing Prompt: Shoreline

Welcome to National Poetry Month 2018! 

I don't want to exclude anyone, though, so all prompts will be written so that they can be either poetry or prose.

Today's exercise (4/2/18) is to use the following five words in your piece, at least three must begin sentences:

Iguana Shoreline by Native Stew

1: Shoreline
2: Reach
3: Pulse(d)
4: West
5: Jubilant

Bonus exercises (either in conjunction with the official exercise or stand-alone):

1) Include the word "Elevated" in your title.
2) Describe something that is a shade of the color Purple.
3) Use a quote from the lyrics of the song "The Three of Us" by Streetlight Manifesto (here is a perhaps better, acoustic guitar version by the writer who performs as such under the nom-de-plume Toh Kay. I highly recommend the whole album The Hands that Thieve) either as an epigraph of in the piece.