Weekend Triple Threat: Title, Three Things, Inspired by

Since it's Sunday here are three options for today's exercise. Choose one, choose them all, just be sure to produce something.

Title Mania (use the following title and write a piece to somehow fit it.)

A Missing Section

Three Things (somehow use the following three things in a piece of short prose or poetry.)

A Kilt, Creedence Clearwater Revival, A Choco Taco

Inspired by (take at least one element from the following short piece and utilize it in your own piece. Think of your piece as the pearl that is formed around that one element, or the snowman base that comes from the little snowball you discovered. This can be a single word, a place, a time of day, an object or image or even just the voice/tone of the piece.)

The Facts of Turquoise by Kat Finch from elsewhere magazine.

The idea of obsessing over something to an absurd degree after a personal tragedy is explored in this awesome piece by Kat Finch. I love the turn at the end of the poem, and don't want to ruin it in case someone is just glancing through this post. It's short, only 209 words so just give it a read already. It's the second piece of Finch's in elsewhere there. So whether you're taking the idea of obsessing over something you associate with someone who's passed, you're running with agates, turquoise, hard blackberries, or even just the idea of a narrow column justified prose poem/micro fiction, pick something from this awesome piece and use that as the starter for your own unique piece.

I wrote my own little flash fiction from the Three Things prompt, but I kind of want to polish it and send it out later, so I won't post it here, but if you'd like to see an example of how a prompt might come together shoot me a message and I'll send you a link to check it out.