Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise August 16, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: Three Things.

About today's writing prompt genre: Today you will write a piece of short fiction or a poem sparked by three concrete, actual things which I will supply. You must work the three items into your piece in some way. If you're having trouble finding direction, you can use the famous person listed under bonus as well. Think of that as getting bonus points.

Today's items are...

Pogo Stick, a scimitar and an igloo.

Use the items however you like, just be sure they all make it into the story/poem. Having the items be somewhat vital to the piece is also pretty important, but hey, if this is the spark you need to finally get out a piece you'd been knocking about your brain for a month, who cares about the rules! Just write it!

Bonus thing: Robert Frost