April 4, 2018 National Poetry Month Daily Writing Prompt: Half Full or Empty

Welcome to National Poetry Month 2018! 

I don't want to exclude anyone, though, so all prompts will be written so that they can be either poetry or prose.

Today's exercise (4/4/18) is to write about 'the glass' being either half-full or half-empty using something other than a glass, cup or bucket. Use a number of concrete specifics for the situation you're describing.

Bonus exercises (either in conjunction with the official exercise or stand-alone):

1) At some point describe the contents of a garbage can or pile.
2) Tell your reader to do something (an imperative ala Rilke's "You Must Change Your Life".
3) Use a quote from the lyrics of the song "Moondance" by Van Morrison either as an epigraph or in the piece.

4) Write the piece from opposite perspectives in a 2-part poem or flash fiction.