Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise August 15, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: The How-To.

Today we'll work with the good old 'how-to' genre. Write a 'list poem' (or a regular poem) or a piece of prose that explains various ways or steps in how-to do something.

Today's how-to is...

How to catch a whisper.

This could be as straight forward as training yourself to hear unexpected things better (what that enables you to actually hear may be the surprising part), or it could be about someone who always feels like people are whispering about them, it could be a psychological condition, it could be a social condition. Maybe it translates to social media, social circles and elitism. Maybe it's about catching the whisper of a conspiracy and putting the necessary pieces together, maybe a villain or criminal is nicknamed "whisper" or however you feel like interpreting the words is fine by me. Just pick a direction and spend some time writing.