Daily Prompt 2: Three Things 1

 New Series, new set of numbers. I have tons of Three Things Prompts on the blog, and the concept is simple, take the following 3 things, and write a piece which makes them integral to the narrative or meaning of the poem. 

My best tip: Find a solid connection or way you can connect two of the things, develop that a little in your brain, then find a place that the third object might intersect with that original connection. Think of it like the first connection is a line between the two words. The third word will connect somewhere along that line of narrative or development of idea, making a shape kinda like an F without the top horizontal line. Then your job is to turn that set of perpendicular lines into a triangle by connecting the new 'thing' to each individual thing at the beginning or the end of the piece so it helps either the setup or the payoff (or both)

Three Things:

A Basketball
A Pond