Signs of life

School life is rough. It's exhausting. I can see a pathway to it being less exhausting, but that means investing less time into teach, less effort, less of a f*ck. But it's really hard for me to stop. This means my means and my modes will shift. But I can't stop myself from giving as much of my time and effort to boosting the young/unexperienced voices around me. When I see people yearning more, I want to help. Because I'm in their same position. I need more. I doubt I'll ever know the classics nearly as well as any of my Masters' advisors, but I know factually that I know more/different things about getting by. About hardscrabble, about just enough. But forget this ranting.

New writing prompts coming soon! Maybe not daily, not in the same variety and intensity, but I'm coming back. I'll get a template for the summer. I can't stress this enough. Demystify writing. It is a skill. It is something that is discernible. I've read so many AI written essays and it's heartbreaking. I mean, I get, students, especially in high school, want to take the path of least resistance, but that might lead to a lack of understanding of rhetoric which leads to Andrew Tate and his tater tots. To the furthering of bad, and bad-faith arguments. 

But, prompts, and soon. And a prompt book I hope.