The Journal Submission Journal Issue 7—Deadlines in the Next Week+ 11/24/21

The Journal Submission Journal Issue #7 
Deadlines in the Next Week(+)
37 journals with Deadlines (mostly) on Nov 30th or Dec 1st

It's been a long time since I've put out a JSJ, but it was time. There's a lot of deadlines coming up in the next week or so with December fast approaching. I did the research while I was out and about, and I have a lot of responses to get out that I need to spend time on, so let's just get to it! One quick note on another column I've slacked on lately first.

I'm hoping to get some more Spy in the Slushpiles out there in the near future too, just finding time to do it is tough, but I think it's a good resource. We'll see. Here's a link to the 'issues' I have out so far. I get some really good info from the editors of these great journals which will help you in your future submissions.
Issue One: Pithead Chapel
Issue Two: SCAB MAG
Issue Three: After the Pause 
Issue Four: The Collidescope
Issue Five: Gulf Stream
Issue Six: Apple Valley Review
Issue Seven: The Racket
Issue Eight: Santa Clara Review
Issue Nine: Whale Road Review
Issue Ten: Ghost Proposal
Issue Eleven: EX/POST
Issue Twelve: City. River. Tree

Then of course Eyes Forward is still very useful on the regular for those folks that are interested in experimental/avant-garde literature, I'm hoping to update it in early 2022, but the 2020 version still has lots of good info. Eyes Forward: Avant-Garde Literature and Literary Journals in 2020

OK, let's get to the deadlines!
For today we'll be focusing on deadlines (mostly) on November 30th and December 1st, with just a few that follow shortly after that. I'll list the 'no fee' submissions first, then the ones that have a submission fee afterwards. 

There will also be genres listed, P=poetry, F=fiction, NF=nonfiction, A=art, Hy=hybrid, Tr=translations. 

November 30th
3Elements Literary Review (Requirements: Mercy, Town square, Frost) P/F/NF/A 
Big Bend Literary Magazine ("Bright Lights" theme) P/F/NF/A
Black Fox Literary Magazine P/F/FF/YA F/NF/A
isotrope P/F/NF/A
Lammergeier P/F/NF/Hy
Open Doors Review (Italy) P/F/NF
OxMag NF/A
Split Lip Magazine P/F/FF/NF/A
$varies New Limestone Review P/F/FF
$3 Poet Lore P/Tr

December 1st

And here's a few more for good measure in the next 4 days

December 2
Puerto Del Sol (Water theme) P/F
Thin Air P/F/NF/A
$2 The Normal School P/F/NF
$3 Bellingham Review P/F/NF/Hy

December 3
Folio P/F/NF/A

December 4
$3 Permafrost P/F/NF

December 5
$3 New Delta Review P/F/NF


Journal Researching Lists
Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

Entropy Mag's list of where to submit is a great resource and while this is the list for September/October/November, there' s a good amount of places that have rolling deadlines or aren't until sometime in the summer.
Derek Annis' Submission Calendar. He has a long list of journals with rolling submissions and a calendar with journal openings linked in the calendar (not closing, when they start reading). Very useful resource.
Eyes Forward. I use the "Big List" of journals that publish experimental writing to some extent, all the time still. There are a lot of eclectic journals that dig more straightforward stuff as well as more adventurous work as well.
Duotrope. Always. A great search and browse function.
Submittable Discover Tab. Good for deadlines, but not great for general browsing. That means peruse every month or so for anyone with upcoming closures and make sure you've gotten your sub in if you like the journal. 
Poets & Writers Contest Calendar. If you've got a little extra scratch and want to enter some contests this is one of the best places to go. 
New Pages Calls for submissions. New Pages is a tremendous resource, they have lots of supplemental information about hundreds of journals including lit mag reviews, which you don't see too many places. They're better in my experience for browsing than searching, but I definitely visit New Pages weekly.

Check out the lists and get your work out there! I'd love to hear other journals you fine folks have found recently, or are your favorites too. And if this post or my blog in general has been helpful, I'd really appreciate any donations you might be able to spare. Submission fees can add up for me too.