Hump Day Submission Carousel 20

#20: 6/9/21

It's Wednesday (wellllll.... let's fudge it just a handful of hours), so you know what that means! HUMP DAY SUBMISSIONS! Because it's easy to fall off the submission train during the week I'm presenting you with 3 cool and very different small journals currently open for submissions to save you research time! Pick one of the three journals presented and read some of the pieces in your genre. If you're not digging them, check the next journal. Don't agonize over it, if you're not enjoying the writing or you don't feel your writing would fit in there move along to the next journal. If none of them seem to fit... maybe next week?

Journal 1: The Adroit Journal. The Adroit Journal is on Duotrope's 25 most challenging listings, but they put out a wonderful journal. "We’re looking for work that’s bizarre, authentic, subtle, outrageous, indefinable, raw, paradoxical. We’ve got our eyes on the horizon. Send us writing that lives just between the land and the sky." They read no fee submissions via Submittable on a rolling basis. As always I recommend reading the most recent issue in your genre before submitting to them. And absolutely, definitely check out the submission guidelines.

"At its foundation, the journal has its eyes focused ahead, seeking to showcase what its global staff of emerging writers sees as the future of poetry, prose, and art.

Featured in Best American Poetry, Pushcart Prizes: Best of the Small Presses, Poetry Daily, Best of the Net, and Best New Poets, and by the New York Times, the Paris Review, Teen Vogue, PBS, and NPR, the journal has featured the voices of Terrance Hayes, Franny Choi, D. A. Powell, Alex Dimitrov, Lydia Millet, NoViolet Bulawayo, Ocean Vuong, Ned Vizzini, Fatimah Asghar, Danez Smith, and beyond.."

Journal 2: The Mantle. The Mantle Poetry is a cool little online journal of poetry which was founded in 2017 that publishes quarterly. They read submissions all year (with issue cutoff dates, the next deadline being July 7th) for no fee via email. Check out their submission guidelines here. As always it's important to read their newest issue

From their website: "The Mantle is an online quarterly journal dedicated to contemporary poetry. We’ll publish the most memorable poems we receive. When the time comes, we’ll nominate for Best of the Net, the Pushcart Prize, and Bettering American Poetry. We are always reading for our next issue.

Send your odd, poignant, beautiful poems. Send poems you’re proud of, whether raw, refined, or jagged."

Journal 3Moneybicycle. Monkeybicycle is a funky home for quirky flash prose and 'one sentence stories', or as they put it "Monkeybicycle is an online literary journal which is updated almost daily. We were also a print journal for a time, publishing nine issues in total over several years." BE SURE TO CHECK out their submission guidelines here—They reject submissions unread that don't follow the guidelines. They mean it, so do that one thing FOR SURE. And of course, as usual, read some of the recently published pieces (fiction here, nonfiction here) to get a good idea of what they're looking for. They read no fee submissions via Submittable all year. 

From their Submittable page: "Every submission sent to Monkeybicycle is read by a human being. But because there are few of us, this can take some time. We are getting better, but please, still give us twelve weeks to get back to you. Something else that will shorten our response times is the strict adherence to the following guidelines. In fact, if these guidelines are not followed, we will probably skip over your submissions completely."

Get your writing out there! You got this! I know it's mid-week, but spending just a little bit of time with reading well-crafted creative writing in the middle of the week it can keep your creativity a little fresher when the weekend comes around. I think, at least.

Also a gentle reminder that Sparked is reading submissions of writing from Notebooking Daily prompts, so send them work now! And if you thought this post was helpful, consider shooting me a buck or two for my own future submissions or to help pay writers for Sparked (which comes out of my pocket). No pressure though. I'm just trying to get better with the begging for pennies, submission fees in 2020 are pretty monumental and 2021 is shaping up to be just as bad!