National Poetry Month Activity Pack Day 4

 *Reposted from April 4, 2020

OK guys, I've checked again and April is still here, and in America that means 
Every day for National Poetry Month I'll be posting a few fun or interesting poetry links or videos, a Throwback writing prompt from this site, a few poems published in the last couple years and a couple classic poems—things that are poetry-related interesting or fun.

You will have a change to write poetry even if you've never done it before—the writing prompts aim to demystify the process of writing a poem. This will not take the place of the 2020 Writing Exercise Series, but will be in addition to it, so there will be a bevy of poetry to bathe your mind with.

So. Let's begin.

April 4, 2020
National Poetry Month 2020 Activity Pack Day 4

1) Listen to this short radio clip of poet David Kirby discussing his views on how poetry is the product of the deliberate and the accidental.

2) Go read one, or preferably all of the following three 'recently' published poems:

"Tin" by Matthew Murrey in Apple Valley Review Vol.14 No.1.
"Over 100°, La Mesa" by Zebulon Huset in Maudlin House March 17, 2020 (Sorry).

3) Go read all of the following three short poems that were published more than two years ago:

4) Check out the following two video poems by Kai Carlson-Wee from Button Poetry "Cry of the Loon" and "Holes in the Mountain".


5) Step into the time machine and travel back to April 2, 2017 and try this exercise: "Complete a Piece Sunday: Dueling Cinquains" which walks you quickly through the cinquain form and guides you to writing your own "double cinquain".

6) Word of the Day x 3: Go to the Merriam-Webster Word of the Day website and look through the listings for January, February and March, picking one word from each month. Write a poem using those three words. 
2021 Update:

7) Bonus new poems! These additional poems were published in 2020 or 2021. Fresh off the presses.
"3 Very Short Poems" by C. Cimmone in Dead Fern Press 1. ("The Day I Wrote His Obituary", "Psychosomatics", "Mortal Remains of a Used Up Woman")
"Stone Canoe" by Scott Waters in Bombfire March 13, 2021.
"To Live at Lemon Cove" by Paul Veracka in Dwelling Literary "Mini Crib" Issue 2021

8) Bonus video! I love this poem by the awesome poem Danez Smith, and think you will get a kick out of it too.  Check out Danez Smith reading "Dinosaurs in the Hood".