Clifford Garstang's blog Perpetual Folly just posted their 2020 Literary Magazine Rankings

Clifford Garstang's Literary Magazine Rankings are a familiar sight to many active short form submitters over the years—writers of poetry, short stories and essays can all find their literary journals, reviews and magazines of note (specifically, of note to the Pushcart Prize Best of Small Presses).

I really appreciate the approach of using the Pushcart Prize anthology as the basis because it takes out the individual bias of the listmaker. I've long toyed with the idea of doing one with a combination of Pushcart, Best American (special shout out to John Fox for his lists using Best American), Best of the Net and O Henry anthologies but.... so many ideas, so little time. So once again big ups to Clifford Garstang for putting in the legwork for this list yet again in 2020.

Here is the Literary Magazine Rankings for Fiction
Here is the Literary Magazine Rankings for Poetry
Here is the Literary Magazine Rankings for Non Fiction