Inspired by Writing Monday: Nanoism #333

Inspired By: For today's writing prompt read the following short piece (it will always be something quite short, we don't have all day to work on writing, wouldn't that be awesome?) and take inspiration from it. Whether you like specific words, character names, you like the setting, the general plot structure, you want to use that piece as a sort of prequel or perhaps something in the piece irks you or you really disagree with it and you want to respond in a lyric or narrative fashion. Whatever strikes you strongest in what you read (read it twice if you have a chance), grab it and run with it.

The point of our notebooking daily prompts isn't necessarily to create a fully formed piece but to not let ourselves get bogged down in details and to just write. This will generate usable tidbits, unique sentences or ideas, and sometimes, indeed, an actual piece.

Trigger warning. (if that phrase doesn't make sense, you're probably safe, but the material covered in this 24 word story is powerful)

Today's inspiration: Nanoism #333 by Orest Talpash (24 words)


So, there's that. A powerful, sad story in so few words. The "Hint Fiction" is strong in this one as it uses both explicit detail and implication to indicate a little more of the fuller story.

Anyway. It may not be in everyone's constitution to write about the topic, or maybe not in their interest. This is quite dour, sad, outraging etc. There are dozens of adjectives we could throw at the subjects like apples at a brick wall, only to see them explode. Words are insufficient, but maybe there is a 'secret' or some other societal woe you might address. Whether you embrace the hyper-short fiction or poem is completely up to you. Perhaps you might address an addiction like alcoholism, drug abuse, workaholism, or maybe something from society's past. Maybe you'll take a different tact and for with an attempt at 'magic' to cure something or fix something.