Poetry From Another Room 1 [ LOFI | VERSEHOP ] tester video

 Poetry from Another Room 1

Hi everyone! 

I'm hoping to make this a series and actually put some time in the visuals (though, whoever doesn't love that cat can fight me), but for the time being check out this tester video I made of lofi music with poetry (readings, talking craft etc), and a little bit of ambient sounds mixed in. This first tester includes clips of Paul Muldoon chatting about poetry interspersed throughout, then poets reading their poems. In order we have Li-Young Lee reading "From Blossoms", then Jane Kenyon reading her poem "Otherwise", then Mary Oliver reading "Wild Geese", then James Wright reading "From a Bus Window in Central Ohio, Just Before a Thunder Shower" (and a little funny banter), and finally Steve Kowit reading "I Attend a Poetry Reading". I'm really happy with how the audio came out. For future editions, and perhaps even this one in the future I'll include visuals in some fashion to include the actual poems and perhaps imagery of the person talking, so I'll have to find/make bg artwork with a screen prominent in it if any artists are reading this, somehow lost perhaps.