Be Wary Citizens! Yemessee, University of South Carolina's print literary journal is accepting free submissions during AWP (Mar 3-7 2020)

Be Wary Citizens!

The fantastic journal Yemessee from the University of South Carolina is running a short window of free submissions in honor of this year's AWP conference in San Antonio.

Who is Yemessee? Go read them and find out! That's always the best way to get a feel for what a journal's aesthetic is. They appeal to a wide audience, and in their words they

continue to perennially reinvent what New Southern Literature means to us with each coming year.
Here is a link to their submittable page where from March 3rd through March 7th they are accepting free submissions, and they also have an AWP special on their Fall 2019 issue which you can buy for only $6. After that they revert to $3 submissions, but the magazine is awesome in my eyes and you should definitely check it out.