Notebooking Periodically, Notebooking Daily's print companion debuts with a 68-page double issue

Notebooking Periodically's debut double issue is here!

Notebooking Periodically is the print companion to Notebooking Daily which is produced, well, periodically. But it's here and it's tactile, a physical object you can hold in your hand and you should check it out!

There is 68 pages of writing prompting goodness all printed and packaged for your enjoyment! This magazine has mad libs, erasures, poems and short fiction to be inspired by, guided poetry and fiction exercises which take the impetus out of your hands and give you a creative problem to solve with the space to write directly in the magazine so you don't need a notebook or computer, just a pen and you're set!

Mary Oliver, Amy Hempel, Frank O'Hara, Thomas Lux and many more are presented to enjoy, and to spark your own pieces. Even a section of pieces published online in 2019 that you might have missed! The back cover is formatted as a post card with poem printed on one side and a guided exercise to send to a friend or loved one on the other. There's a sheet designated to tear out and use as an exquisite corpse, an anagram wordbank game and prompt, mystery question story building, what's not to love? Everything printed is readily available on the internet, and many of the links are included with the author's bios—a quick google will find you the rest

Now, you'd imagine something of this caliber would cost hundreds, or thousands of pennies, but no! It's, well, whatever you want to pay. It's free. Send me your address and I'll send you a copy. Or you can message the Facebook page (friend it too while you're there!)

The postage cost of sending 1 copy is $1.45, 2 copies is $2.05 so if you could donate a little to offset the costs of postage and printing that's much appreciated, but I know not everyone has that couple extra bucks to spare and perhaps they could use the magazine more than anyone else, for the free entertainment and creative stimulus.

This is the reason I've sent out most of the first batch to libraries, schools, prisons and writing organizations that I appreciate and admire. Thank you to Books Behind Bars for providing many addresses of prison libraries. All donations go to printing and mailing out more copies to places that could use them. Get some copies for your college English department or high school English class. For your local library or Boy's and Girl's club. While the content isn't aimed at children, it isn't inappropriate for them. Get a batch for your family for a fun evening of word and writing games. I just really want the magazines to go to people who will use and enjoy them.

Also, any feedback is greatly appreciated (did one prompt or piece totally miss the mark? End up not fun or just not fruitful at all? Let me know! And any results that you find especially good you can submit pasted into a message to the FB page and it may be featured online here or in a future issue of Notebooking Periodically.

Have a great and productive new year!