Be Wary Citizens! Short submission window for Portland Review "Borders" themed issue ends on January 15th

Portland Review has a very limited submission window this year being only 15 days long. The literary journal describes what they want for their theme as

We’d hope to find work that explores borders, not as structures that operate as visible barriers, but those less seen: the lines between parent, child, and self; appetites and offerings; gender, bodies, and expectation; the subconscious, reality, and its digitally augmented proxies. We’re particularly excited to read works that engage with the theme in ways beyond the topical. The unexpected is encouraged and appreciated.
How they describe themselves? In their own words.

ABOUT US: For over sixty years, Portland Review has published the works of emerging writers and artists alongside the works of well-established authors. We warmly encourage previously unpublished writers and artists to submit, and we aim to support work by those often marginalized in the artistic conversation, including (though certainly not limited to) people of color, women, disabled people, LGBTQIA people, and people with intersectional identities.

All submissions will be read between January and March, so you can expect to hear back from us then. Thank you for contributing. We look forward to reading your work!
Here is a blog post from this past year of input from their readers and editors that might be useful in preparing your submissions and when editing your work as well.

Pertinent Information:
Portland Review "Borders" theme. Deadline January 15. Cost to submit: $0.
Prose (Fiction and Non Fiction): Portland Review publishes traditional, experimental, flash, and genre-bending stories (including translated works) up to 3,000 words. We will only consider one submission per author per reading period. Unless otherwise necessary for the piece, please double-space your work and use a standard (Times New Roman or equivalent) 12-point font.
Poetry: Portland Review will consider submissions, including works of translations, with up to three poems. Poems must be contained within a single document of no more than ten pages in total length. Unless otherwise necessary for the piece, please use a standard (Times New Roman or equivalent) 12-point font. Any poems that do not adhere to Portland Review's guidelines and theme will be declined unread
Photography & Visual Art: We will consider full-color and black and white, high-contrast images for publication on our website.