Summer Writing Exercise Series #61: 3x5x5 Wordbank 9

For today's writing exercise you will pick one word from each of three groups and write a sentence that includes all of the words, feel free to change tense, pluralize etc. Repeat the process five (5) times using different combinations. Now write a piece of fiction or poetry that uses at least two (2) of those sentences. Try to use as many of the sentences as you can.

Word Bank 1:
  • Trip
  • Joked
  • Flummoxed
  • Swath
  • Lily
Wordbank 2:
  • Typhoon
  • Gallop
  • Tether
  • Zorse
  • Canary
Wordbank 3:


If you'd like some background music to write to, try Sufjan Steven's album Carrie and Lowell.