Summer Writing Exercise Series #42: Ekphrastic Chimneys


For today, we're going to write a poem or prose piece inspired by another piece of art or an ekphrastic piece. The piece of art in question is this photo of a tree growing out of an abandoned factory chimney.

Whether you're writing a lyric poem about time passing in an industrial town as the industry moves away, a narrative of traveler in a strange land, an animal growing up in these ruins, or one of a million other options, have a blast with this great piece. There's a ton of possibilities. Shout out to the Abandoned Porn subreddit where I saw this image. I linked to the earliest copy I could find with a Tin Eye search. 


If you'd like background writing music here a live performance from The Uncluded (Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock) on Seattle's KEXP.