Summer Writing Exercise Series #3: 3 Titles for the Third


For today, June third's writing exercise, or writing prompt if you sill, will be celebrating the number Three. I will provide three titles, you have a number of ways you can use them:

  • A) Pick one title and write a piece that fits that title. 
  • B) Pick one title and work the other titles into the piece. 
  • C) Write three short (or long) pieces that are completely separate (or roughly linked). 
  • D) Write one piece in three sections, using the titles for each section. 
  • E) Mash up the titles and use two or all three as the title for a fitting piece. 
  • F) Whatever you want. 


  1. Not Entirely Unbroken
  2. Shrinking Jawbreakers
  3. An Hour Before the Fair Closed

If you want some background writing music and don't mind it having lyrics, try this: The Specials Self Titled Album.