Five Random Constraints: 12/18/15 Arizona or Peru

About today's writing prompt genre: This is an exercise to make your brain work within a confined space. There will be a few constraints pressed upon your writing, some meant to help drive narrative, some meant to slow the process of the ever-flowing feed of words that stream through the mind. The purpose of this is to make you meditate on specific word choices and sentence structure and elements not necessarily the most important plot points or character traits which should allow the piece to unfold in a way that it would not have otherwise.

Five Random Constraints:

1) Include at least six pairs of words that rhyme, for instance "This bliss" "My thigh" etc.
2) The story or poem must be written in the second person.
3) The piece must be set in Arizona or Peru (for bonus points use both locations).
4) An exact time must be mentioned.
5) The final word in every sentence must have a hard /a/ sound for instance "way" "day" etc.