Thursday, July 16, 2015

Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise July 16, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: Narrative thread.

About today's writing prompt genre: Take the following story aspect and work it into a piece, whether poetry or prose, whether you explore what led up to this place in the story, it begins with the thread, or the thread is merely a tiny aspect of the story that has crystallized around the original image. However you choose to write it, use the following as a jumping off point.

Today's thread is...

Caught in a robbery, your mind keeps jumping to one specific memory.

Whether this memory is related to the robbery, or more a reflection of where the narrator's mind goes in that tense situation is completely up to you. Maybe the narrator remembers prom night, or watching a martial arts movie which amps them up for a heroic action. Maybe the memory is of watching their older sister blowing soap bubbles in the backyard, and for some reason unknown to the character, they can't shake it. The brain is a crazy place. Have fun with yours.


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