Saturday, June 20, 2015

Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise June 20, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: Title Mania!

About today's writing prompt genre: Instead of just using a random generator, for today's exercise I will offer up six titles. Pick the title that appeals the most to you and run with it. If you want to leave your choice up to chance use this random number generator. I will also have a small list of possible last words or phrases that you can use as an end-goal if you feel like you need a little extra direction/constraint for the piece.


1) He didn't look the type to play superhero * from the song Always Comin' Back Home to You by Atmosphere
2) Beneficiaries of chance* from an essay by Ann Druyan
3) Thirty something loving nothing* from the song Out the Window by The Violent Femmes
4) Not an ocean, not an island, not a road* from the song Runaways by Sage Francis
5) Pull the tail, watch the wings flap* from the song Nightlight by Aesop Rock
6) I’ll spread my hand across your heart* from the poem Mirror by Bob Hicok in diode.

Words or phrases to end with:

1) Tile
2) Flipped
3) Paint
4) Into nothing
5) Threshold
6) Feast

Again, if you want to leave this to chance, use the random number generator.


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