Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise June 13, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: The How-To.

Today we'll work with the good old 'how-to' genre. Write a 'list poem' (or a regular poem) or a piece of prose that explains various ways or steps in how-to do something.

Today's how-to is...

How to Avoid the Cracks.

Whether you write it from the 'step on a crack and break your momma's back' literal perspective, or from a more metaphorical angle where cracks represent possible snags that life can throw at you, Or maybe you're the character in a video game knock-off of Super Mario where you have to jump over pits of pixellated fire. Maybe you're a concrete layer, or a sculptor, or a make-up artist. Maybe you're writing from the perspective of a singer and the cracks are vocal ones. However you choose to attack this piece don't second guess your choices, just power through and get something finished here,