Sunday, May 31, 2015

Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise May 31, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: Narrative thread.

About today's writing prompt genre: Take the following story aspect and work it into a piece, whether poetry or prose, whether you explore what led up to this place in the story, it begins with the thread, or the thread is merely a tiny aspect of the story that has crystallized around the original image. However you choose to write it, use the following as a jumping off point.

Today's thread is...

You didn't scream when you saw the blood, but your heart began beating much faster.

Whether you use the sentence verbatim somewhere in your story or you re-write it in your own style, start here and figure it out. Whose (or if not a who that is bleeding, what's) blood, what drew the blood, what is the situation and how is it imminently going to be much much worse? Involve some stakes in this piece, unless you have a very specific reason to make the stakes low, I mean, who am I to tell you exactly what to write?


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