Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise May 28, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: Fact-Based Piece.

Legendary comedian Phil Hartman
was murdered on May 28, 1998
About today's writing prompt genre: Take a fact or find a fact in the following database and do some research on it, then use it in some way in your piece. Be sure to use your Google-fu to flesh out the piece with some interesting information and so it doesn't come off as too 'one note' or surface level.

Today's fact is...

Use this wonderful resource from History.com to find an event that happened today. Subscribing to it isn't the worst option either, as historical facts can be very useful in your notebook for later use.

Some examples of things that happened on May 28th are: Volkswagen was founded (1937), Maya Angelou died (2014), the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers were allowed to relocate (1957), Belgium surrenders to the Nazis (1940) among many others.