Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise April 8, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: The How-To.

About today's writing prompt genre: Today we'll work with the good old 'how-to' genre. Write a 'list poem' (or a regular poem) or a piece of prose that explains various ways or steps in how-to do something.

Today's how-to is...

How to read in the dark.

Now, what is being read? Totally up to you—are you reading the stars? Braille or its little-known older brother Sonography (or night writing)? Are you straining your eyes to read a book after lights out (what book, why still reading etc)? Squinting to make out potential predator's tracks? Or is it more metaphorical? Are you explaining how to make decisions despite not knowing details of a situation (being in the dark). Or do you take the opposite tact? Why you can't or shouldn't read in the dark. Let's see some creativity here.


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