Friday, April 24, 2015

Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise April 24, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: The How-To.

About today's writing prompt genre: Today we'll work with the good old 'how-to' genre. Write a 'list poem' (or a regular poem) or a piece of prose that explains various ways or steps in how-to do something.

Today's how-to is...

How to get through the day.

This could be as depressing as it sounds, or it could be a more playful piece, describing simple or mundane things as well as fanciful or surreal events. It all depends on how you feel at the moment. Is part of the day hopping over every crack in the sidewalk to avoid "breaking your momma's back" or preparing a healthy breakfast that you burn, resulting in getting coffee or McDonald's? Is part of getting through the day pulling yourself out of bed like scraping overcooked eggs from a pan, or do you leap out of bed like a jack in the box excited to brush your teeth? Plenty of ways to approach this, have fun with it.


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