Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise March 25, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: Image-Based Piece.

This differs slightly from an ekphrastic exercise in that the image you're to be inspired by isn't a traditional piece of art, and is more of a snapshot, diagram, map or something similar.

Today's image is...

The Tokyo Metropolitan Rail System map. There are so many lines, so many colors, shapes, the Tokyo Bay, but beside that, this is all underneath millions and millions of people in Tokyo, with an average of 6.33 million people using the system everyday. Where to start? The humanity of the image through passengers or those above in the city with the warren of train tunnels weaving beneath it? The intricacies of the pattern? The intricate manufacturing and upkeep of the system? Or are you more interested in the map itself? Its color choices, the curves, the small details tucked in text that peppers the map? This is a little different of an exercise, but I believe in you guys. This can spark something.