Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise March 20, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: Wordbank.

About today's writing prompt genre: For wordbank exercises take a few minutes to look through the following links which will have various lists of words. Pick out a dozen or so you like, whether for their uniqueness, their sound, even just their meaning, whatever the reason, pick a bunch of words. If any of the words' meanings are not crystal clear spend a little time both checking it out in the dictionary but also check through wikipedia for history of the word and its usage, if it's a place or has some significance in the world aside from just its meaning. In your notebook take note of anything interesting that you come across. Be sure to look through all the related words and antonyms. You won't need to use all the words now, just some of them and it's good to have a pool to choose from.

Once you have your list, have done some research and have at least a half dozen notes try to following exercises.

1) Use three of the words in the same sentence. Then take those same words and use them in a new sentence but in the reverse order.
2) Use the word "Sprung" and two words from your wordbank in a phrase or sentence.
3) Write a three sentence paragraph that uses one word in each sentence, the final sentence must be an imperative sentence.
4) Use two of the words from your wordbank in a phrase that is under five words. Do this again.
5) Use one of the phrases from #4 as a title and write either a poem or a piece of short prose to fit it.