Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise March 17, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: Ekphrasis.

Ekphrasis is from Greek meaning the description of a work of art as a rhetorical device. That's actually pretty straight forward, but another way to look at it, is it's highfalutin fan fiction, usually about paintings or pieces of music, but it can be about virtually anything. Look at or listen to the following piece of art and write a piece of prose or poetry that is inspired by some aspect of it.

Today's artwork is...

"Self Portrait on the Road to Tarascon" by Vincent Van Gogh tilt-shifted in Photoshop by graphic artist Serena Malyon.

By separating the subject from the background to such an exaggerated extent, the graphic artist was able to draw all of the viewer's attention to the portrait. How might this affect or inform your narrative?


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