Sunday, February 22, 2015

Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise February 22, 2015

Daily Exercise Genre: The How-To.

Today we'll work with the good old 'how-to' genre. Write a 'list poem' (or a regular poem) or a piece of prose that explains various ways or steps in how-to do something.

Today's how-to is...

How to dream you're a rabbit.

This one can be a look into lucid dreaming or a venture into writing for children, a fun genre many never even consider in their normal writing. It could be an allusion to Alice's white rabbit, or maybe it is a recollection of things that occurred before having a memorable dream about being a rabbit--and perhaps your attempts to recreate the dream. Plenty of options here beyond just silliness (but hey, why not a little silliness now and then?)


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