Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise October 4, 2014

October 4: Random Element Day.

Today you'll let happenstance rule what you're going to write about. Click on this random number generator link three to four times and write down the corresponding number. You must find a way to work all of those elements into your story/poem/vignette/fragment today.

1) Grapes.
2) A character named after a 4-Star American General.
3) Second person narration.
4) Sparse dialog tags and at least one exchange where each speaker says fewer than three words.
5) Actively choose words with a hard E sound, not just beginning or ending, but words like credence and unequal.
6) Fall setting.
7) An egotistical narrator.
8) The color puce.
9) An encounter with a feline.
10) Litter.
11) Begin at least three sentences with the word "And".
12) Use some variation of the phrase "Not a cloud in the sky" not once, but twice.