Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise September 12, 2014

September 12: Narrative day.

Today work with one of the following story fragments, whether you want the prompt to be the end of the story, the prelude to it, somewhere in the middle, or even just the inspiration for a story, it's up to you.

1) Picking cans out of a park's garbage can to recycle, a homeless man makes a gruesome discovery. Across town a child is rushed into an emergency room. These two things are connected, but not in a way that easily meets the eye.

2) A jilted wife sits on the railing of a bridge remembering her relationship and other moments in her life. The second narrative is what is happening on the bridge behind her, that she is completely unaware of, so wrapped up in her memories.

3) Oak trees can live over 1000 years. Tell three or four snippets of things that happened beneath an Oak tree during the course of its millennial lifespan.