Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise August 5, 2014

August 5: Wordbank day!

Everyone's favorite is back! Spend a few minutes browsing the following links and write down ten or more words that stick out to you as being interesting or unique. Research each word briefly: check for interesting facts about its history, if there's a place, or a town with the same name, its connotations and differences from similar words. Anything interesting take a quick note of it in your notebook.

Tumble, cascade-feedback in a botany term glossary, end, fall, green. Now, go do your research, gumshoes!

Now for the actual neural stretching.

1) Make that wordbank (10 or more words with your notes about them). I've always been a fan of the word "Cusp" which is tucked into the "end" link.
2) Write three phrases, lines or sentences using one of the words from the list as the last word.
3) Write two full sentences that are only four words long and use one of the words from your wordbank.
4) Write two phrases, lines or sentences that use one of the words, and the name of a specific type of flower.
5) Rewrite two of your previous attempts with either fewer words, or more specific verbs, or both.
6) After the jump there are four images. Pick one and write a short piece inspired by it in some way. Use a couple of the words from your wordbank. Or say screw that, I got an idea for a piece doing the research for the wordbank and I'm going to write that.The idea is to get the wheels of your brain working in a literary way, so whatever you write is a win.


Salmone by the old master Titian

Photo by David Meunch

Photo by David Meunch