Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise August 17, 2014

August 17: Wordbank day!

Today will be brief, look through the lists of words provided in the following links and pick out ten or so. Spend a little time making sure you understand the correct usage of the words, if they have any fun history/uses/misuses/homophones etc. If there's a place with that name, or a person. Then write a few quick exercises utilizing that list.

Hazardous, infectious, opening, anticipate, dividend.

Now that you have your researched list, write the following exercises.

1) Write a phrase, line or sentence that uses three of the words from the wordbank.
2) Write two sentences that use one of the words as the last (or second to last) word.
3) Write two phrase, line or sentences that use one of the words as the first word.
4) Pick two candidates for most likely to be a character's name whether you mean this sarcastically as in a character in a poorly written book (like Anastasia Steel), or if you think you could actually make the name work.
5) In a three sentence story fragment describe a place and a person in that place, using one of the words from your wordbank in each sentence.
6) Expand one of your phrase/line/sentences into at least six units (phrase/line/sentence) that makes cohesive sense. Try to use a character with the wordbank name. If you're stuck where to go, maybe include a fork in the road.