Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise August 10, 2014

August 10: "Trapped in a small place with a daffodil."

This is a title exercise, with a bit of an open end. The quote is taken from a recent (episode 20, at 22:25) podcast by the brilliant QI elves called No Such Thing as a Fish.

Now listen to the podcast that I pulled the quote from, it's really funny and truly quite interesting. No Such Thing as a Dangerous Daffodil. When a fact strikes you as something you might use in a piece take note of it in your notebook.

Now write a piece from one of the two prompts (or for both if you can).

1) Title the piece "Trapped in a Small Place with a Daffodil" and figure out why that makes sense to the story. I like to look at the why first when I'm working from a title. Why is this daffodil so important, and so ominous that one might be trapped with it. Memory, anticipatory anxiety, symbology, and then there's always good old metaphor for the daffodil. Or is it hyperbole?

2) Take a fact you heard in the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast and find a way that that could be used metaphorically. If you can use more than one fact, go for it, there were many very unique or funny things that were linked. If you really want some constriction, use one fact/quote literally, and one as a metaphor.