Notebooking Daily Writing Exercise August 4, 2014

August 4: "A Summer's Day"

Today's narrative exercises will be focused on something of a summer theme, and include music for those daring enough.

Pick one of the following narrative prompts (or multiple of them if you feel you can) and write a short piece somehow including or even just inspired by the prompt. If you start off with the idea and suddenly it takes a sharp turn left, but turns out good, why stop that? Whether you write a lyric Triolet, a nonfiction sketch or a series of vignettes each exactly 100 words, your form is your choice entirely.

As potential inspiration listen to these amazing pieces by Joe Hisaishi entitled "One Summer's Day" "Summer" and even though it's more for spring, the full  twenty minutes of "Hatsukoi" or First Love, just because it's my favorite.

1) An unexpected storm strikes in the middle of a sand castle building contest. Describe the destruction.
2) A game of baseball/soccer/fu/ootball is interrupted by an very unusual animal.
3) A lazy summer afternoon by a pond is embraced in all its serenity.
4) A game of tag has carried over into the evening, and when it's finally called, one (or more) are missing.
5) A backyard barbecue begins a string of events that ends with over fifty people dead. How?
6) A small airplane flies dangerously low over a small town... too dangerously low perhaps.
7) Include the following things: A glass of iced tea in the sunlight, a bee or wasp, a smell reminiscent of green,  and thunder.