Sunday, July 13, 2014

Notebooking Daily Exercise July 13, 2014

July 13: Wordbank day!

Today we'll look at synonyms for some commonplace words that we might use to spice up everyday situations (which sounds like a cover story on Cosmo).

1) Find ten or more words that are interesting or that stick out to you from these links:


As always, explore a bit, do research on unique words so you have a better feel for their actual usage and connotations before you use the word. And also, as always, explore any rabbit holes that may lay in wait as you are doing your research. From a synonym for purple through a link related to the word I landed on a wiki page about the fondness that Finns have for swearing (perse apparently also means ass in Finnish), and I'm definitely going to use that little bit of information in a poem someday.

2) Pick three of those words and write a sentence with them.
3) Write a few phrases/lines/sentences with two words back to back (for example: "Unabashed by frequent offers" for frequent/attend and offers/suggest. This should help you think more about homonyms, as they're fun to work into your writing, and can add everything from foreshadowing to humor.
4) Take your three words from exercise #2, and write a sentence with them used in the reverse order (yes, 2 will be in the exact same spot, but such is life, comrade).


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