Notebooking Daily Exercise July 6, 2014

July 6:

Wordbank day! Having a good reservoir of unique words that you're familiar with is very helpful when you're looking for something to spark your brain along some creative path. Today look through synonyms (and antonyms) for: shudder, slide, anchor, and enhance.

1) Pick out at least ten words from those lists, if any of the words which attract you are unfamiliar, again, please do familiarize yourself with its exact meaning in the dictionary, and wikipedia for a better idea of it being used in context.

For instance I liked glissade, a synonym for slide, and found out that it's actually both a ballet gliding move, and a method for descending steep snowy slopes, usually on your buttocks, and that there are multiple varieties of the buttock slide.

2) Write at least three phrases/lines/sentences using words from your word bank.

3) Use at least one of the words in a sentence that is six words or fewer for each of the following words (which will also be included in the sentence, whether you include the two prescribed words in the count or not is up to you): Atop, Before, Denied, Plastic.