Notebooking Daily Exercise July 25, 2014

July 25: Mark Twain quote day.

Today you'll base a piece or a fragment of a piece from a quote. Whether you use it as an epigraph or within the piece, or even misquoted in either, is up to however the quotes strike you.

Here is the list of quotes. Read them then come back for the rest of the exercise after the jump.

Soooooo, by now you see that they're not actual Mark Twain quotes, but pithy sayings with sometimes ethereal (ie obscured) origins. If you take their origins into account in your piece or fragment is up to you.

Possible paths:

1) Write your piece where someone gives as advice one of these items (either an actual quote listed from Mark Twain or one of the ones misattributed to him) and another character calls them out for frequently giving that advice.

2) Write a piece in first person where one of the quotes appears in the narrator's inner monologue multiple times.

3) Write a lyric poem or fragmented piece of flash fiction that uses one of the quotes (or part of it) as a title. If you only use part of the quote, a further constraint could be to use the rest of the quote somewhere in the piece.