Notebooking Daily Exercise July 15, 2014

July 15: Word Bank Day!

Everyone's favorite. Look through the links for the following words and build a list of ten not-quite-everyday sort of words. Definitely look up the words, do a google search for them, find any alternate meanings, histories, whatever might be an interesting rabbit hole. To use as a jumping off point use the following words: Gone, Fedora (also), Tropical, NicheMachine, Darkness.

1) Write a phrase, line or sentence that uses three different words from your list in some way.
2) Write three (not necessarily connected) rhyming couplets using a word from your list as an end word for each couplet [ie: follow/hollow=(niche), hot=(tropical)/kumquat, vanished=(gone)/panicked]
3) Write a phrase, line or sentence that uses the same three words from #1 in the reverse order (ie if it was "within the hollow was oppressively hot as the cool breeze had vanished" the new one would be "the bullet vanished leaving a hot, burgundy hollow.")

If you've got the writing bug now and don't want to stop, take one of your couplets and expand it into a 300 word flash fiction. For added fun, somehow include a man wearing a hat.