Notebooking Daily Exercise July 10, 2014

July 10: Narrative day!

Pick one of the following narrative threads and expand on it as you like, whether you end at the prompt, begin there, mesh more than one together, stick to a lyric interpretation, write a series of  tweet-length rhyming rants about the valuelessness of said prompts, whatever gets the words flowing.

1) Begin a story en media res about someone who just robbed a store and discovered there was under $10 in the till.

2) An ant battles the elements while the narrator battles an internal demon in this dichotomic tale.

3) The air is hot and dry in the strange room that you wake up in. On the bedside table is a Houston Times newspaper. The last thing you remember is paying for a Big Gulp in your hometown in Nebraska. Go from there.

4) As spring melts the snow around a quiet Alaskan town, it uncovers a number of unexplained body parts.

5) Return to a childhood memory with a cynical version of the Ghost of Christmas Past (potentially a now-dead celebrity like George Carlin, Billie Holiday, or really out of character--Mr. Rogers).

6) Meditate on the color green. Come up with a number of things which are green, and pick a couple of the most disparate items, then form a story/poem that meshes those two things (this isn't really narrative, but I figured I'd throw you lyric poets a bone).