Zebulon's Guide to Flash Fiction Submissions (2015 year-end version)

Welcome to Zebulon's Guide to Flash Fiction Submissions, the 2015 year-end version.

Submitting flash fiction to magazines you sometimes feel like a little octopus in a big car: out of place.

Flash Fiction, Sudden Fiction, Micro Fiction, Hint Fiction, Short-Shorts, Flashes, whatever you want to call them—the highly compressed story has quickly become a much sought after commodity. The problem that many writers of flash fiction have encountered is that flash is often treated the same as regular fiction when it comes to prose submissions, despite the length being 1/10 that of other stories. There is hope though. Many journals have seen the light and have separate guidelines for flash, some are very actively seeking it and some only publish flash fiction. 

There are a few lists of places to submit short-short stories out there, I'll be linking to them at the bottom, but those of us obsessed with the hyper short story are probably familiar with the main three or four that always come up when searching for flash fiction submissions. Those articles seemed to largely focus on online magazines, and while it definitely seemed like online journals were more likely to have accepted the genre as being somewhere between poetry and short stories, I'd also come across a number of traditional print journals that sought flash fiction in my regular submission quest. But the internet is a fickle mistress, and a large number of listings were no longer updating. They'd have a burst of posts for a year or two, steady issues then a drop off. Sometimes a trickle out, but usually the drop off was precipitous. 

For my methodology I ruled out journals that had that sudden drop if they stayed gone for over a full year without any notice of temporary hiatus. I also ruled out a large number of 'journals' that were just very simple blog layouts posting irregularly or indiscriminately (that either had or appeared to have near 100% acceptance rates). These are often hard to distinguish from online magazines on the awesome list sites like Poets and Writers, New PagesThe Review Review or Duotrope (also, there were well over 1300 'markets' that come up when searching for >1000 words that accept electronic submissions on Duotrope alone). You can dig deeper and find those if that's what you're looking for, but what I was looking for was serious (though often fun) magazines or literary journals or reviews or whatever you want to call them seeking flash fiction. If the submission guidelines weren't specific about word lengths I've included the verbiage they use in the guidelines, but of course, check the actual guidelines yourself to be sure you're submitting something applicable.

As with any list, use it wisely. Don't just click through and send the same stories to all the journals, don't be a dickwriter. That's what a dickwriter does. Please take at least half an hour and read a few pieces, ideally read at least two pieces from the newest issue and one more from another issue. Also be sure to read the short 'About' section and submission guidelines that are pertinent to your submission, often times specific formatting or other items are requested and it is disrespectful to the editors to not abide by their guidelines. Sometimes there are very helpful clues in there too. One journal says they love Russel Edson and Charles Simic, so knowing that you wouldn't send your space pirate romance story, but instead your magic realism story about a slug race. It's really not that hard, and I've heard multiple editors say that submissions not following guidelines are immediately disqualified and returned. Complain about it being stupid or awful or whatever, it is how it is, and most magazines receive so many submissions that they can afford to be extremely choosy about the hundreds of submissions that do respect their guidelines.

Submission Terminology   /   Contests   /   Main List   /   Honorable Mention-Temporarily Closed   /   Print Journals   /   Charges Submissions Fee   /   Accepts 3 or more flash stories   /   Featured in Wigleaf50-2015   /   Shorter than 800 word limit   /   Shorter than 300 word limit   /   Lists consulted  

Submission Terminology:  

Types of Flash Fiction (general guidelines):
  • Short Short”, Flash or Sudden FictionUnder 1000 words 
  • Micro FictionUnder 100 words 
  • Hint FictionUnder 50 words 
  • American Sentence: One sentence of exactly 12 syllables.
Simultaneous Submissions: Sending the same story to more than one journal for consideration at the same or in overlapping time periods. Most journals/magazines are on board with simultaneous submissions, they realize that there are hundreds and even thousands of venues for your words and with acceptance percentages almost always in the single digits, it makes the most sense to spread your work out a little to publications where you think the pieces will fit and hope someone will snatch it up.  Some places emphatically do not accept simultaneous submissions, if that's the case do not, please please don't send them simultaneous submissions. 
Multiple Submissions: This is sending multiple stories or 'submissions' to the same journal. You don't see this term too often anymore, but it pops up sometimes. 
Submittable: An online submission platform that will soon be your best friend if it isn't already. Very convenient and easy to navigate, and where the vast majority of literary magazines are routing their submissions through now. I can highly recommend it from both the submission and the editorial side. While most of the journals listed do use Submittable, the only ones that mention it are mentioned because they charge a reading fee through submittable (though none of them will call a duck a duck in this case).
Snail Mail: Slang for the postal service, as in actually mailing physical pieces of paper with ink on them to the actual office of the magazine with a Self Addressed and Stamped Envelop (SASE) for the journal to return with either an acceptance or a rejection. Not many journals on this list do not accept online submissions, but there are a few, and there are still a good number out there that just don't specify any flash guidelines. Places like Confrontation, Zoetrope and Zyzzyva among many others still like to have the paper in their hands when they read your writing.
Wigleaf50-2015: Wigleaf, aside from producing a quality online journal, compile a list of their fifty favorite flash pieces from across the wide spectrum of magazines. Some originally appeared in print, some in magazines that don't fit the mold of the 'literary journal' but all are high quality. 


American Shorter Fiction Contest (1-3 stories, up to 1000 words, $17 entry fee, prizes $1000 for first, $250 for second. 2/1/16 deadline)
Barthelme Prize for Short Fiction (1 "prose poem, a piece of flash fiction, or a micro-essay of up to 500 words" $17 entry fee includes a year's subscription to Gulf Coast, $1000 prize, likely a 8/31/16 deadline though it hasn't officially been announced for 2016)
Crazyhorse Crazyshort Contest (1-3 stories, up to 500 words, $15 entry fee includes a year's subscription, $1000 first prize 7/31/16 deadline)
Ernest Hemingway Flash Fiction Prize (1 story up to 1500 words $10 entry fee, $200 first prize, 12/1/15 deadline)
Flash 405 (up to 405 words $5 per story, theme: Roots, 12/5/15 deadline)
Ice Nine (1 story of up to 729 words, prizes for 1st-4th: $300/100/50/25, $15 entry fee includes year digital subscription, 12/18/15 deadline)
Indiana Review 1/2k Prize (up to 500 words, 1-3 stories in the past but guidelines have not been posted yet for next year) 
Moltov Cocktail Flash Phenom (up to 1000 words but prefers >750, "strange and surreal” theme, $6 entry fee, prizes for 1st-3rd: $200/100/50, 1/15/16 deadline)
Penny Fiction (free to enter multiple stories exactly 16 word stories, $25 prize 12/31/15 2/29/16 7/31/16 deadline)
Redivider Blurred Lines (1-3 stories with a sliding entry fee—$6/11/15 for 1/2/3 stories, 3 story gets you a yearlong digital subscription— $250 for each category: prose poetry, flash fiction, flash creative non fiction, 12/31/15 deadline)
River Styx Schlafly Beer Micro-Brew Micro-Fiction Contest (1-3 stories, up to 500 words, $10 or $20 entry fee: $10 includes a copy of River Styx that contains the prize winning entries, $20 includes a full year's subscription of three issues, $1500 first prize, 12/31/15 deadline)
Tethered by Letters (1 or 3 stories, entry fees: $7 for 1 story, $15 for 3 stories, 55/250/500/7500 word limit categories, $150 first prizes, 12/31/15 deadline)
Writer's Digest Short Short (1 story up to 1500 words, entry fee $20 by 11/16/15 or $25 by 12/14/15, $3000/1500/500/100 for 1st/2nd/3rd/4-10th, and 11-25th place get a $50 certificate to their webstore) 

Main List: Publications that are looking to publish very short fiction.

100 Word Story (up to 100 words, Only 1 story, $2 submission fee through submittable, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
14 Hills (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories, temporarily closed, print magazine)
5x5 (up to 500 words, only 1 story, theme for Spring 2016 issue not yet announced)
99 Pine Street (up to 1000 words, Only 1 story)
After the Pause (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories)
American Short Fiction (publishes up to 2000 word stories online, $3 submission fee through Submittable)
Apple Valley Review (word limits: 100-4000 words though they prefer shorter, 1-3 stories, email submission, Canadian journal)
apt (up to 1000 words for their online publishing, Doesn't specify how many, but gives instructions on how to withdraw individual stories if they're accepted elsewhere)
Atticus Review (up to 1000 words 1-3 stories, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Baltimore Review (up to 5000 words total in 1-3 stories, print magazine)
Bare Fiction Magazine (100-1000 words, Only 1 story, UK journal)
Beechwood Review (up to 800 words, 2 stories, print magazine)
Bitter Oleander (up to 2500 words print, Only 1 story, print magazine)
Blue Monday Review (up to 1500, 1-3 stories, paying market, print magazine)
Boaat (up to 8000 words total in 1-5 poems/pieces)
Brevity (up to 750 words Non fiction $3 submission fee through submittable, paying market)
Brilliant Flash Fiction (up to 1000 words, 1-2 stories, UK journal)
Burnside Review (up to 5000 words total  including 1 story or "a group of flash fiction pieces"$3 submission fee through submittable)
Chattahoochee Review (500-1000 words, 1-3 stories, $3 submission fee through submittable, print magazine)
Cheat River Review (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories, print magazine)
Chicago Review (up to 1000 words, 1-5 stories print magazine)
Citron Review (Two flash categories: 1-2 stories of up to 1000 words or 1-5 stories of up to 100 words, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
The Collagist (1-3 "short-shorts", featured in Wigleaf50-2015) 
Conium Review (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories, $3 submission fee through submittable though there is a free submission period in the spring)
Cooper Street (up to 600 words 1-3 stories Rutgers MFA)
Corium Magazine (up to 1000 words, temporarily closed, 1-3 stories)
The Cossack (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories, print magazine)
Crab Creek Review (up to 1000 words 1-3 stories, print magazine)
Dark Matter (up to 1500 words, Only 1 story)
DecomP (1-3 "flashes", featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Deep Water Literary Journal (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories)
Delmarva Review (up to 1500 words, 1-2 stories, print magazine) 
Devilfish Review (up to 500 words only 1 story prefers speculative/weird)
Devil's Lake (up to 4500 words only 1 story but says very interested in flash, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Dogzplot (up to 200 words “between 1-13,491 stories”, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Elsewhere (up to 1000 words, 1-2 stories or up to 5 pieces of prose poetry)
Emerson Review (1-3 "short-shorts", print magazine)
Everyday Fiction (temporarily closed up to 1000 words NoSS)
Fiction Southeast (up to 1500 words accepts 'multiple submissions' Wigleaf50)
Five Points (Flash issue, 250 words $2 per story up to 2, print, deadline December 1)
Fjords (1-3 pieces of "2 pages or less" $4 submission fee through submittable for their print magazine, or they have a flash fiction monthly online feature for which there's a $2 submission fee through submittable which includes digital copy of magazine)
Flash Fiction Online (500-1000 words 1-3 stories submitted separately, No Simultaneous Submissions)
Flint Hills Review (1-3 pages long double spaced, 1-2 stories, email submission, print magazine)
Florida Review (1-3 pieces as long as the total is under 15 pages, $3 submission fee through submittable, print magazine, paying market)
Flyway (up to 1000 words, 1-3 pieces, print magazine)
freeze frame fiction (up to 1000 words, only 1 story, this magazine only publishes flash fiction)
F(r)iction ($25 for a copy of the newest issue and unlimited submissions or only 1 story with a $5 submission fee through submittable)
Frigg Magazine (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories, paying market)
Front Porch Journal (up to 5500 words but mentions flash in guidelines, only 1 story)
Fugue (1-2 "short-shorts", $3 submission fee through submittable, print magazine, paying market)
Gettysburg Review (1-3 "short-short" stories, Snail mail submissions only, print magazine, paying market)
Ghost Ocean (up to 700 words, 1-3 stories, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Glassworks Magazine (up to 500 words 1-3 stories for online feature called Flash Glass "fiction, micro essays, or prose poems")
Gone Lawn (up to 1000 words, accepts "multiple" stories so I'd go with 1000 word limit total for all stories you're submitting, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Grain Magazine (up to 5000 words, 1-2 stories, Canadian journal, print magazine)
Gravel (up to 750 words, 1-3 stories)
Green Briar Review (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories)
Green Hills Literary Lantern (2-3 "short shorts", Snail mail submissions only, print magazine)
Gulf Coast (up to 1200 words, 1-3 stories for website feature, $2.50 fee through submittable, paying market)
Gulf Stream Magazine (accepts “multiple fiction pieces” reopens 1/1/16, print magazine)
Harpur Palate (up to 6000 words total including 1-3 stories, reopens for submissions 2/1/16, print magazine)
Hobart (up to 400 words, 1-3 stories)
Homestead Review (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories, Hartnell College)
Hoot (up to 150 words, 1-2 stories, print postcards/online $2 submission fee through Submittable)
Housefire Books Blog (2 stories)
Inch (up to 750 words, 1-3 stories, the magazine only publishes flash fiction and poems 9 lines or fewer, print magazine)
Iowa Review (up to 25 pages total says "multiple short pieces" is ok, $4 submission fee through submittable, print magazine)
Jerry (no guidelines but clearly takes multiples of very short stories)
Juked (3-5 "short short form" stories, print magazine )
Kentucky Review (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories)
Lamplight Magazine (up to 1000 words, dark fiction—the editors suggests "The Twilight Zone" or "The Outer limits", Only one story)
Lockjaw (1-5 pieces, deadline December 1)
Los Angeles Review (up to 1000 words, 1 story or linked stories up to 4000 words, $3 submission fee through submittable)
Lunch Ticket (1-3 flashes, reads most of the year bt has defined reading periods in the guidelines on the website)
Memorious (1-3 "short-shorts", featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Micro Fiction Monday (up to 100 words, "multiples ok", submit through a form on their website for free)
Mid-American Review ("up to five shorts", print magazine)
Minetta Review (up to 1500 words, 1-2 stories)
Mondegreen (1-3 pieces of "flash")
Monkeybicycle (up to 2000 words or 1 sentence stories, only 1 story, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Nailed Magazine (up to 500 words but "likes shorter", featured in Wigleaf50)
NANO Fiction (up to 300 words 1-5 stories with the tip jar submission which is the only one currently available, $3 submission fee through Submittable, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Nanoism (up to 140 characters, no titles, only 1 story at a time)
Nature (850-950 words, hard science fiction only, print magazine)
New England Review (up to 1000 words, multiples only if "the pieces are very short (under 1,000 words)" print magazine, paying market)
New South (up to 1000 words, 1-5 pieces, $3 submission fee through submittable for print magazine, or "Micro Prose" for website (12/16/15 deadline) submit up to 3 stories of up to 500 words for free)
Noctua Review (up to 2500 words for total submission, deadline 1/31/16)
North American Review (2 "short-short" stories NOSS Pays)
One Throne (up to 1000 words, only 1 story at a time but they promise a quick turnaround)
Pacifica Literary Review (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories, print magazine)
Passages North (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories, I love their guidelines about flash: "That’s your call; it’s your work. But maybe you want us to say anyway, so: 1000 words is probably too long, but maybe not. 750 words might be perfect; it depends. 500 sounds just right, but in your case, it might not be. 300 words could be lovely; it could be too little. What matters is that your short-short surprises us by feeling big and important. Try us", print magazine) 
Permafrost (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories, $3 submission fee through submittable, print magazine)
Pinball (up to 5500 words only, only 1 story, pays online and print publications the same)
The Pinch (1-3 "flash pieces", $3 submission fee through submittable, print magazine)
Pithead Chapel (up to 1000 words, only 1 story, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Portland Review (up to 700 words, only 1 story, for website, deadline 12/1/15)
Pretty Owl Poetry (up to 1000 words, 1-2 pieces, likes poetic stories and prose poetry)
Puerto Del Sol (1-4 "short-shorts", deadline 12/1/15 but reopens in 1/1/16, print magazine)
Quarter After Eight (up to 3 "poetry, prose poetry, flash fiction, micro essay, etc." print magazine)
Rathalla Review (up to 1000 words 1-3 stories)
Revolver (up to 1000 words 1-3 stories)
Right Hand Pointing (up to 500 words, 1-2 stories, featured in wigleaf50-2015)
Rip Rap (500-1000 words, 1-2 stories, print magazine)
River River (1-3 "flash pieces", deadline 1/15/16)
River Styx (up to 500 words, 1-3 stories, $2.50 submission fee through submittable, print magazine)
Rum Punch Press (up to 750 words or up to 140 characters for "micro fictions" doesn't mention multiples so until I hear otherwise let's assume that means only 1 story)
Sandy River Review (up to 3500 words, 1-3 pieces, "Sudden/Flash Fiction welcome!")
Saranac Review (up to 7000 words, only 1 story but says multiple places they read flash fiction, $3 submission fee through submittable, print magazine) 
Scapegoat Review (up to 500 words, 1-3 stories)
Scintilla (up to 1000 words, 1-2 stories)
Smokelong Quarterly (up to 1000 words, only 1 story, only publishes flash fiction, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Soliloquies (up to 300 words, submissions are made through a bi-weekly one-word prompt and the best are collected in their journal)
Soundings Review (500-750 words, 1-2 pieces $3 submission fee through submittable, print magazine)
Southern California Review (up to 750 words 1-3 stories $3.50 submission fee through submittable)
Sou'wester (1-3 "flash pieces", print magazine)
Spartan (up to 2000 words, only 1 story unless linked then all stories must be under 2000 words, likes "minimalist prose")
Squalorly (1-3 "flash pieces", $3 submission fee through submittable, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Storm Cellar (up to 1000 words, 1-4 stories, print magazine)
Straylight Online (up to 1000 words, only 1 story)
Sundog Lit (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Tahoma Literary Review (500-1500 words, 1-2 stories with a total word count under 2000 $4 submission fee through submittable, print magazine)
Thin Air (up to 750 words, 1-3 stories for their print magazine, up to 800 words for website feature)
Third Coast (1-3 "flashes" print magazine)
Threadcount (up to five pieces only mixed genre accepted)
Tin House Online (The Open Bar) (up to 1000 Flash Fridays and Flash Fidelity(nf), featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Toad (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories) 
Toasted Cheese Literary Journal (up to 500 words, only 1 story)
Touchstone (1-5 "flash fiction" print)
Triquarterly (no specific # of stories, just up to 5000 words, use your discretion but I'd say at most don't send more than the number of poems accepted (6) even if they're 25 word stories, so under 5000 words and fewer than six would be my advice, $2 submission fee through Submittable, print magazine, Wigleaf50-2015)
Two Hawks Review (1-2 "pieces of flash fiction")
Two Sentence Stories (submit “as many as you’d like”)
Unbroken (1-3 pieces, only unbroken blocks of text, mention both Edson and Simic in guidelines)
Vestal Review (up to 500 words, 1-2 stories per reading period, featured in Wigleaf50-2015, paying market)
Vignette Review (300-900 words, winter theme deadline 12/11/2015)
Vine Leaves (Wants vignettes of 800 words total regardless of how many stories)
Water~Stone Review (up to 8000 words total in 1-3 "short and flash forms", print magazine)
Western Humanities Review (up to 7500 words accepts 'several shorter pieces" that "do not exceed the maximum word count", $2 submission fee through submittable, print magazine)
Willow Springs (up to 750 words, 1-3 stories, $3 submission fee through submittable, print magazine)
Word Riot (up to 1000 words, only 1 story)
Yalobusha Review (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories)

Honorable Mention: Journals mentioned in other guides that didn't seem to apply currently, or that I personally think are awesome and they do publish flash even if they don't specifically call for it.

3AM (up to 3000 words, doesn't specifically mention flash)
Bayou (up to 7500 words, only 1 story, print magazine, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
BlueEarth Review (up to 25 pages, only 1 story print)
Cortland Review (up to 3500 words, no specifics for flash, and No Simultaneous Submissions)
Fwriction (up to 5000 words, only 1 story, doesn't mention flash, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Inertia (loose guidelines: poems, prose poems, very short fiction; lots of audio)
Lullwater Review (up to 2 stories, doesn't mention flash, Snail mail submissions only, print magazine)
New Ohio Review (only 1 story, doesn't specify flash but they do publish it print magazine)
The Radvocate (100-3500 words, only 1 story)
Salt Hill (up to 30 pages, no guidelines but they accept "flash fictions" print magazine)

Temporarily Closed: Some are only closed for a few more months, some are on an indefinite hiatus but have a great reputation for their flash fiction and may return any time, or at least have back issues to read.

Apex Magazine (doesn't mention flash, closed til 1/1/16, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
The Boiler Journal (up to 3500 words, only 1 story, temporarily closed doesn't mention flash)
Cheap Pop (up to 500 words, temporarily closed)
Crab Orchard Review (1-2 "shorter prose pieces", print magazine)
Double Room (a journal of prose poetry and flash fiction, currently closed to submissions/on hiatus)
Drunken Boat (temporarily closed, doesn't mention flash)
Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (Closed to submissions until April)
Literary Orphans (Temporarily closed doesn't mention flash)
Matchbook (currently closed, 1-3 up to 1000 words or 1-5 if they're shorter featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
New Delta Review (temporarily closed "special interest in flash fiction, and brief series of flash pieces" print magazine, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
New Flash Fiction (up to 1000 words, temporarily closed, only 1 story)
Pank (temporarily closed, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Story Quarterly (temporarily closed, doesn't mention specific number of "short shorts" but on request they said "Generally, people have been compiling about 3 of such pieces into one Word doc and counting it as one submission. This has worked out pretty well so far, so we haven't seen the need to create additional policies" print magazine) 
Superstition Review (temporarily closed doesn't mention flash)
Whiskeypaper (up to 1000 words, closed until fall 2016, featured in Wigleaf50-2015)
Wigleaf (up to 1000 words, 1-3 stories, temporarily closed to submissions) 

Print Journals:

14 Hills   /   American Short Fiction   /   Baltimore Review   /   Beechwood Review   /   Bitter Oleander   /   Blue Monday Review   /   Chattahoochee Review   /   Cheat River Review   /   Chicago Review   /   The Cossack   /   Crab Creek Review   /   Crab Orchard Review   /   Delmarva Review   /   Emerson Review   /   Five Points   /   Fjords   /   Flint Hills Review   /   Florida Review   /   Flyway   /   Fugue   /   Grain Magazine   /   Green Hills Literary Lantern   /   Gulf Steam Magazine   /   Harpur Palate   /   Hoot   /   Inch   /   Iowa Review   /   Mid-American Review   /   Nature   /   Pacifica Literary Review   /   Passages North   /   Permafrost   /   Pinball   /   The Pinch   /   Puerto Del Sol   /   Quarter After Eight   /   Rip Rap   /   River Styx   /   Saranac Review   /   Soundings Review   /   Storm Cellar   /   Tahoma Literary Review   /   Thin Air   /   Third Coast   /   Touchstone   /   Triquarterly   /   Water~Stone Review   /   Western Humanities Review   /   Willow Springs

Charges Submission Fees:

100 Word Story   /   American Short Fiction   /   Brevity   /   Burnside Review   /   Chattahoochee Review   /   Conium Review (has free submission period)   /   Five Points   /   Fjords   /   Florida Review   /   F(r)iction   /   Fugue   /   Gulf Coast   /   Hoot   /   Iowa Review   /   Los Angeles Review   /   NANO Fiction   /   New South   /   Permafrost   /   The Pinch   /   River Styx   /   Soundings Review   /   Southern California Review   /   Squalorly   /   Tahoma Literary Review   /   Triquarterly   /   Western Humanities Review   /   Willow Springs

Accepts 3 flash stories or more:

14 Hills   /   Apple Valley Review   /   Atticus Review   /   Baltimore Review   /   Blue Monday Review   /   Boaat   /   Cheat River Review   /   Chicago Review   /   Citron Review (for up to 100 words)   /   The Collagist   /   Conium Review   /   Cooper Street   /   Corium Review   /   The Cossack Review   /   Crab Creek Review   /   DecomP   /   Deep Water Literary Journal   /   Elsewhere   /   Emerson Review   /   Fjords   /   Flash Fiction Online   /   Florida Review   /   Flyway   /   Frigg   /   Gettysburg Review   /   Ghost Ocean   /   Glassworks Magazine   /   Gravel   /   Green Briar  Review   /   Green Hills Literary Lantern   /   Gulf Coast (online)   /   Hobart   /   Homestead Review   /   Inch   /   Juked   /   Kentucky Review   /   Lockjaw   /   Lunch Ticket   /   Memorious   /   Microfiction Monday   /   Mid-American Review   /   Mondegreen   /   NANO Fiction   /   New South   /   Pacifica Literary Review   /   Passages North   /   Permafrost   /   The Pinch   /   Puerto Del Sol   /   Quarter After Eight   /   Rathalla Review   /   Revolver   /   River River   /   River Styx   /   Sandy River Review   /   Scapegoat Review   /   Sou’wester   /   Squalorly   /   Storm Cellar   /   Sundog Lit   /   Thin Air   /   Third Coast   /   Threadcount   /   Toad   /   Touchstone   /   Two Sentence Stories   /   Unbroken   /   Vine Leaves   /   Water~Stone Review   /   Western Humanities Review   /   Wigleaf   /   Willow Springs

Featured in Wigleaf Top 50-2015:

100 Word Story   /   Apex Magazine   /   Atticus Review   /   Bayou   /   Citron Review   /   Cheap Pop Lit   /   The Collagist   /   DecomP   /   Devil’s Lake   /   Dogzplot   /   Fiction Southeast   /   Fwriction   /   Ghost Ocean   /   Gone Lawn   /   Memorious   /   Monkeybicycle   /   Nailed Magazine   /   NANO Fiction   /   New Delta Review   /   Pithead Chapel   /   Right Hand Pointing   /   Smokelong Quarterly   /   Squalorly   /   Sundog Lit   /   Tin House   /   Triquarterly   /   Vestal Review   /   Whiskeypaper

Word Limit Under 800:

100 Word Story   /   5x5   /   Beechwood Review   /   Brevity (Nonfiction)   /   Cooper Street   /   Devilfish   /   Glassworks   /   Gravel   /   Hobart   /   Ghost Ocean   /   Inch   /   Nailed Magazine
Portland Review (online)   /   Right Hand Pointing   /   Soundings Review   /   Thin Air (and slightly different guidelines for online submissions)   /   River Styx   /   Rum Punch Press   /   Scapegoat Review   /   Vestal Review   /   Vine Leaves   /   Willow Springs Review

Word Limit Under 300:

100 Word Story   /   Citron Review (micros)   /   Dogzplot   /   Five Points (flash issue)
Hoot   /   Microfiction Monday   /   NANO Fiction   /   Nanoism   /   Rum Punch Press (micros)
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Lists Consulted:

(This one has nothing to do with flash, but I still still love the whole ‘traditional’ metric that is the editors of the Pushcart and Best American series. What is nice about this list is that it’s coldly scientific. I was able to find a few journals that hadn’t popped up on any other list or Duotrope so it was a success.)

Final Notes:

I feel like nothing makes me want to write more than reading a bunch of good stories or poems, so have fun in your own research. If I have any information incorrect or if there are any additional magazines you think I should include please shoot me a message or a comment. I'll be updating this over the next little while to hopefully get the formatting as easy to navigate as possible. If this helped you on your quest and you might find it in your heart and your wallet to throw a buck or two my way, it will go entirely to the good cause of submission fees for my own writing (unless, you know, I get like a thousand dollars, in which case it's straight to Tijuana with two hundred of that to get some dental work done).