The Publishing Life: Journal Submission Journal 2/9/20

Journal Submission Journal 2/9/20

I'm always looking for new journals and refreshing myself on journals I haven't seen in awhile both just as a reader, but also to get a good feel for if my work would fit well, or if I should remain a reader and not a submitter. Not everyone has the time to browse journals (and I may not either, before long), so I figured I would make a few notes of what I've found in my research for poetry submissions, fiction submissions and creative writing contest submissions.


Entropy Mag's list of where to submit is a great resource and I definitely combed through it quite a bit this last month.
Zebulon's Flash Fiction Submission Guide. Yeah, I'll admit I referenced this, I put a lot of work into it, and though it's almost 5 years old and needs an update, there are a lot of smaller and lesser known journals I reminded myself with using this guide.
Duotrope. Always. A great search and browse function.
Submittable Discover Tab. Good for deadlines. There are a few Feb 15th deadlines and definitely some Feb. 28th ones to keep your eye on.
Poets & Writers Contest Calendar. If you've got a little extra scratch and want to enter some contests this is one of the best places to go. I used this a bit in January but overextended my submission budget a bit so I'm back to pacing out those $3 submissions.


Spry Literary Journal: Cool little journal, nice variety, pretty accessible but quirky. I really dug Marvin Shackleford's On Water. Here is there submission info.

Pidgeonholes: I was reading through Wigleaf's Top50 flash fictions of 2019 list and the multiple stories published by Pidgeonholes caught my eye. I especially like their submission guidelines: "We seek to publish work with the grit of heavy-duty sandpaper: words that will tear and scar. Send us your literary, speculative, experimental, or absurdly unclassifiable, just make it bold and beautiful."

Dreginald: This is a quirky and gritty lo-fi journal with some really interesting writing and a decidedly simple visual aesthetic. The complex work plays well off the minimalist design of the site. Definitely read a number of pieces before considering sending work here, but also, just read a bunch of it anyway, it's rad. They're not afraid of adult content and also not afraid of longer poems, so if you like long poems definitely check it out.

Cordite Poetry Journal. This online Australian journal is another cool one I've seen around a few times but hadn't read much until recently. It's an eclectic journal so give a number of poems a read before submitting for sure. I especially liked The Waterside by Zoe Holman in the current issue. They have a Feb. 15th deadline.

Orange Blossom Review. Another eclectic journal I discovered this past month. I like their journal's clean aesthetic and they published quality work. I especially liked The End of the World by Rae Hoffman Jager from the new issue. They also have a Feb. 15th deadline.


I'd love to hear other journals you fine folks have found recently too! And if this post or my blog in general has been helpful, I'd really appreciate any donations you might be able to spare. Every dollar will go directly to my own submissions, and every dollar helps. Thanks, and have a great week!