Summer Writing Exercise Series #41: Micro 101 Episode 002

For today's writing exercise you will write a few micro-poems or micro-fictions. These will be either poems under 12 lines or stories under 100 words.

For inspiration go read some micro or hint fiction in this Buzzfeed article, at Microfiction Monday32 Poems and Nanoism.

Micro Exercise 1: Write an accident of some sort with 3 items/things described in motion.
Micro Exercise 2: Make a list of ten items you might find in an alleyway. Write a micro piece that includes at least seven of those items.
Micro Exercise 3: Write a micro which uses the items not used in Micro #2, as well as someone chewing loudly on gum.
Micro Exercise 4: Pick three interesting words from this Random Word Generator and use them in a micro.

Bonus Exercise: Combine two or more of these pieces into one 250ish word piece.

If you'd like some background music to write to, try this mix of Studio Ghibli instrumentals.