Summer Writing Exercise Series #4: First Lining it Up

For today's writing exercise you will go forth from a first line of my choosing. Where you go after that is up to you, but I'll add a couple other optional things to include if you would like a little more to work from.

Photo by Bluntvayne

First Line: Three people and five dogs tread toward me.


Optional Items to Include:  A Plastic Bag, A Shovel, A Newspaper.

Optional Words to Include: Rush, Withered, Entangle

Optional Restrictions: Under 300 words for fiction or 25 lines for poetry, Begin at least five lines or sentences with the word "From", Include at least three sentences that are three words or fewer.

Hard Mode: Write your poem as a sonnet or your story must end three paragraphs with the sentence/phrase "So they kept waiting."


If you want some background music for today's writing exercise try this playlist of the album "Muted" by the amazing artist Alias (or Brendon Whitney).