April 10, 2018 National Poetry Month Daily Writing Prompt: Five Words and a Rhyme

Welcome to National Poetry Month 2018! 

I don't want to exclude anyone, though, so all prompts will be written so that they can be either poetry or prose.

Today's exercise (4/10/18) is to write a piece that includes A) the following five words as end words (if you're writing prose, it has to be the last word of the sentence): Stopped, See, Broken, Close, Drop, and B) either written in rhyming couplets AA//BB//CC//, or tercets ABC//ABC//DEF//DEF etc. If you're writing prose you have the same assignment, the rhymes just won't be noticed.

Bonus exercises (either in conjunction with the official exercise or stand-alone):

1) Describe two smells as well as one flavor (the flavor being something sour).
2) Set your piece (at least half of it) in the evening.
3) Use a quote from the lyrics of the song "32 Flavors" by Ani DiFranco either as an epigraph or in the piece.